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Китайский язык. Перевод в бюро (Киев)

Неизвестный художник. Портрет знаменитого ученого, переводчика, и министра церемоний при Миньском дворе Сюя Гуанци (1562-1633)

Modern official standard of the Chinese language is represented by the Mandarin dialect. Mandarin Chinese originated in the northern China. It is the most widespread kind of Chinese.

Spreading of Chinese

People all over China, north of the Yangtze River, and in the major part of the rest of the country speak Chinese. It is a native language for two thirds of the Chinese population.

Mandarin Chinese can be divided into four subgroups: Northern Mandarin with its centre in Beijing is spoken in the northern China and the Northeast province (Manchuria); Northwestern Mandarin is spread northwards from Baoji city and through the major part of northwestern China; Southwestern Mandarin extended over the area around Chongqing, in Sichuan Province and the adjoining areas of southwestern China; and Southern Mandarin is a dialect of the lower Yangtze.

Mandarin Chinese spoken in Beijing is the basis for the modern standard of the national language. In China they usually call it putonghua – “common language”. Modern Standard Chinese is also officially spoken in Taiwan.

Mandarin Chinese is a tone language. It has four tones distinguishing words and syllables which look similar but have different meanings. Mandarin, as well as all other dialects of Chinese, uses mostly monosyllabic words and word forms and fixed sentence word order.

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