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Translation of documents for an embassy

To order the translation of documents for an embassy in Kiev or get more information about this type of service of the translation agency, contact us by phones:

Contact of Translation Agency to prepare document for embassyThe modern world provides us with improbable quantity of methods to explore it. Someone travels a lot, every time opening new horizons, absorbing customs and peculiarities of visited countries. Someone visits friends or relatives abroad. Someone has to travel for work abroad, doing business with foreign partners.

Sample of document translated in UkraineNo matter what the purposes of trips are, everyone needs to have documents translated for an embassy.

The “Kiev-Translation” Agency has been rendering the service of high-quality translation of any documents into tens of foreign languages for various purposes (including submitting them to embassies for more than 10 years. But, in spite of the impressive work experience in this sphere, unfortunately, we have no opportunity to keep a wary eye on all innovations of embassies concerning the list of documents and features of their registration. Therefore, before preparation of documents, it is necessary for you to address to the embassy of the country which is planned for visit and to find out all the details. As a rule, in Kiev, Ukraine, it is not easy to contact these organizations, and we highly recommend that you should clarify all information necessary for processing of documents as soon as you are lucky to contact the representatives of the embassy. It will be the best way to make everything right and not to get the heave-ho.

When you come to the Agency to have your documents translated for the embassy, you already should know answers to very important questions, which, you will most likely be asked by managers in case of making an order.

Referring to above-mentioned arguments, when filing documents for the translation, you should know:

  • The list and type of documents, which have to be submitted to the embassy;
  • whether the documents have to be certified or not;
  • whether the copy or the original has to be submitted.
  • The list of the translated documents which are submitted, and also the target language. Some embassies can accept the translation in the language of the country, where the trip is planned, and also in English which is international. In such a way, for example, the embassies of Italy, Spain and Portugal work. (This point concerns already translated documents).
  • In what way to process the translation of documents for an embassy. Whether they are submitted in the electronic form, or just printed, or should be somehow certified.

The “Kiev-Translation” Agency provides the service of certification of the translations by the stamp of our Agency or notarization stamp. If documents have to be somehow certified, you should know, that certificating the translation, we stitch it to the source text, therefore, in order to process the documents in a proper way, we need to know, to what document the translation has to be stitched (to the original or to its copy). Clarify this information before addressing the Agency for the purpose of getting the translation of documents for an embassy.

Clarify all necessary details at the embassy and address the specialists in the field of translation in order to get the documents correctly processed and translated in quality manner for an embassy.

To make an order or get answers to questions:

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