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English Translation in Kiev

Elizabeth I of England

English belongs to the West Germanic branch of the Indo-European Language family that is closely related to Finnish, German and Dutch. The English language originates from England, and now it is spoken on six continents. English is the master language in the USA, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and numerous nations of the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean spaces. English is also the official language of India and the Philippines, Singapore and many countries of South Africa.

English is chosen for learning as the first foreign language in many countries of the world, that’s why English got the status of world language, “lingua franca”. In accordance with crude data, about one third of all population of the planet, that is 2 million people, use English.

What is the qualification of translators doing English translations in Kiev?

Translation agency “Kiev-Translation” provides translation services of any texts both from and into English. These translations are done by professional translators, linguists with philological education in the field of “The English Language and Literature”. At the request of the customer it is possible to do proofreading of translated text by a native speaker and/or notarization of translated documents.

What types of English translations does the agency do?

The “Kiev-Translation” Agency translates all types of certificates, passports, diplomas with and without appendixes, all types of economic and other agreements, constitutional documents of enterprises and institutions both from and into English.

We also translate everyday correspondence and all types of literary texts, technical and medical documentation.

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