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To order French translation in Kiev, contact us by phones of the Translation Agency:

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It is known that French belongs to the 2nd level of complexity, therefore, in our translation agency French is rated well below than more difficult languages (for example, Chinese or Arabic).

The translation into/from French at “Kiev-Translation” agency

French documents translation in Kiev

French artist Jean Fouquet – a portrait of the king of France Charles VII (1422 — 1461)

All translations of documents, passports, certificates, agreements (contracts), medical and technical texts from French and into French are carried out by competent translators, philologists with linguistic education.

For an onlooker it seems surprising how a translator copes with the French print: this language contains special letters, so-called letters with “axons” – superiors. Translators of “Kiev-Translation” agency have the corresponding keyboard and skills of its use. Therefore, in Kiev it is possible to order even urgent French translation.

We also carry out French translations with notarization. A French translator puts the signature under the translation done by him, and the notary certifies authenticity of the signature of the translator and, if it is necessary, the copy of a document. At the client’s request, the notarization can also be translated into French.

Oral French interpreters in Kiev

To order service of interpretation in Kiev, contact our agency in advance. In most cases, we cannot provide you with the French interpreter immediately. Also? Please, mind that our interpreter carry out oral consecutive interpretations, not synchronous.

To understand what kind of French interpreter you need and whether we can provide his services, address the office of the agency.

Information on target languages:

French is a Romance language, which is spoken in France, Belgium and Switzerland, in Canada (predominately in Quebec) and the northern part of New England. It is spoken also in many other countries and regions, which are or were under the power of France. It is official language of more than 25 countries. The first written monuments were dated 842.

The French grammar, as well as grammar of other Romance languages, was considerably simplified in comparison with Latin. Nouns are not inflected by cases. Plural was created by addition of – s or – es, and now the ending, though has remained in writing, is practically absent in the speech. The masculine and feminine genders differ, but they are distinguished not with the help of a noun, but the article or an adjective accompanying it. The verb is conjugated, has moods and the reverse form.

You can ask all your questions concerning the French translation calling (Kiev) by phones:

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