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You can order professional translations in Kiev from the German language into Ukrainian | Russian or vice versa by telephones:

Contacts to order German translationThe German language (Deutsch) is the official language of Germany and Austria; moreover, it is one of three official languages of Switzerland.

What types of German translations in Kiev does the agency carry out?

Kiev-Translation agency does the translations of all types:

  • certificates;
  • passports;
  • diplomas with or without supplements;
  • all types of administrative and other agreements and contracts;
  • constitutional business documents.

Furthermore, we translate ordinary correspondence and all types of literary texts, technical and medical documents from and into the German language.

What is the qualification of translators carrying out the German translations?

Kiev-Translation agency does translations of any texts from German and vice versa. These translations are carried out by professional translators, linguists with the higher linguistic education with a specialization in “The German Language and Literature”.

Translation from German into Ukrainian/Russian and vice versa

It is common knowledge that in Ukraine the most demanded languages for translation from any language, including German, are the official Ukrainian language and historically widespread Russian. The most requested document for the translation from German is a passport. The translation of a German passport into Ukrainian is one of the simplest types of translation; it is carried out for the next day if the order is not urgent.

Peculiarities of German

Picture of German documentsThe German language is considered to be one of the most widespread languages among the languages of Western Europe. It takes the 10th place in the world as far as the number of native speakers are concerned.

German is a surprisingly amazing language and can compete even with the French language if to recollect Goethe and Schiller’s poetry, for instance. The well-known Berlin accent takes us to Frederick’s II times when balls and romanticism came into the European fashion.

Moreover, some features of German promoted the development of the German philosophy, which is famous all over the world thanks to such philosophers as Kant, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Hegel.

The question of the origin of German refers us to the Middle Ages when the ancient Germans began to contact with each other setting the ground for the creation of the common language. It is not possible to define exactly the historical periods of the development of German. Besides, the process of its development was rather complicated and it predetermined a set of differences in the language, existing now in the form of dialects. There are a lot of them, and separate groups of them are dividied into High and Low German. The last one is considered to be the official written language of Germany.

Order German translation in Kiev, Ukraine:

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