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Notarization of translation

To order translation with notary certification in Kiev or to find out more about this service of the “Kiev-Translations” agency, please, contact our office by phones:

contacts in Kiev for translation notarization

Notarization of translation is a procedure of execution of official documents made in a foreign language in the original to present them to official authorities. This procedure is performed as follows:

Picture about notary

“Notary Drawing Up a Marriage Contract” – artist Martinus Rorbye

1.     At first our qualified translator performs translation of a document.

2.     Then we stitch the translation with the original document or its copy, and the translator signs the translation.

3.      Afterwards a notary whom our agency collaborates with carries out notarization of the translation. Pursuant to the legislation of Ukraine on the notarial system, the notary certifies the faithfulness of translation from one language into another if he or she dominates such languages. If the notary doesn’t dominate relevant languages, the translation can be performed by a translator the authenticity of whose signature is attested by the notary – the notary certifies a signature of the translator he or she is familiar with.

To have your translation notarized you should bring the original documents to the office of the translation agency “Kiev Translations”.  Take a look at a short video that clearly shows the way the notarized translation is executed.

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