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English-to-Russian, Ukrainian-to-Russian Translation in Kiev (worldwide)

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Until recently the Russian language remained one of the most widespread languages across the territory of Ukraine, even some official contracts and other documents were concluded in Russian.

Currently, when the language situation in Ukraine is changing rapidly, translation from Russian into Ukrainian or, conversely, from foreign languages into Russian, becomes more and more actual for the clients of our translation agency.

Picture about the Russian language“Russian-Ukrainian” or “Ukrainian-Russian” Translation

Historical and linguistic similarity of this language pair accounts for the cheapest price of such order, in comparison with the translations from other foreign languages.

One more popular service at our agency is also the proofreading of Russian texts. Many citizens of our country are capable of doing the translation from Russian into Ukrainian or from Ukrainian into Russian. Unfortunately, such “independent” translation won’t be certified by any notary in Kyiv. Therefore, such independent work can be brought to our translation agency for checking, i.e. proofreading. After the proofreading of the text by a professional translator, this text can be certified by notary or by “Translation agency” stamp.

Proofreading makes only half the price of the translation.

English to Russian Translation

Translation from English into Russian is performed by native speakers (those are almost all the translators in Ukraine). Due to this fact you will defenitely be happy with the quality of English-to-Russian translation performed for you at our agency. 

Translators of the Russian language in Kiev

A professional translator of Russian in Kyiv and Ukraine is a philologist with the higher linguistic education in “Russian Language and Literature”. Such education, obtained in Ukraine, qualifies him to translate documents from Russian into Ukrainian and back, moreover, to have the translations certified by the notary. In the translation agency in Kiev “Kiev Translation” such translators work at your Russian translations. Besides, they are native speakers.

Translations from English or any other foreign language into Russian are done by the linguists of the corresponding foreign language, with the higher linguistic education in the field of this foreign language. The signature of such translators below the translations made by them is also certified by the notary.

Types of translations from and into Russian

The translation agency “Kiev-Translation” works with different types of texts and documents. We professionally translate into Russian and back:

  • Passports, certificates, birth certificates;
  • Medical documents and technical contracts;
  • Legal documents and financial reports;
  • Literary texts and ordinary correspondence, e-mails;

To find out more about translation services or to make an order, call our agency:

Contacts of Russian translators in Ukraine


Viber +380688667229

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