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Serbian Translation

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Not everyone knows that Serbian, which belongs to the group of the Slavic languages, uses 2 alphabets in writing: Cyrillics and Latin (in Serbian the Cyrillic alphabet is called “vukovitsa”, and the Latin one – “gaievitsa”).

What alphabet is used for carrying out of Serbian translations at the “Kiev-Translation” agency

As far as Serbians use the Latin alphabet only in daily use, and official writing is in Cyrillics (documents are concluded in it, business correspondence is done in it as well), – our Serbian translators use Cyrillics.

Serbian Translation in KievAbout carrying out of Serbian translations

The translation agency cooperates with professional translators of Serbian, in Kiev and beyond its limits. The translators have higher linguistic education and experience in carrying out of translations of linguistic pairs “Serbian – Ukrainian”, “Serbian-Russian”.

Our translators are authorized by the notary, therefore, we have an opportunity to notarize the translations of your documents.

Moreover, any documents and texts of various types translated at our Agency in Kiev can be certified by “Translation agency” stamp at your request .

Translation by a native speaker

In especially important cases when the so-called “golden translation” is needed (e.g. for publication of a book, speeches of politicians, which are represented at the international level), we organize carrying out of the order by a Serbian native speaker (who works remotely in Serbia). Such order is much more expensive than an ordinary Serbian translation in Ukraine. In fact, there is no need in it if you just want to have your documents (passports, diplomas, etc.) or ordinary business documentation (agreements, statutory documents, etc.) translated, because our local specialists are rather competent and literate in the field.

Terms of carrying out of the Serbian translation in Kiev

Serbian is not so popular as, for example, English. Therefore, in Ukraine there are a lot fewer Serbian translators, and they are rather busy. In most cases, we won’t be able to carry out urgent translation the same-day, but we will be able to provide carrying out of your order in the next few days (depending on volume). Nevertheless, you can get more exact information on terms, cost and other organizational moments concerning translation into Serbian or from it in Kiev, Ukraine, contacting administrators of the “Kiev-Translation” agency by phones:

Serbian translator in Ukraine

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