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Service Providing Policy

Політика надання послуг услуг по переводу


Due to some moral and ethical reasons since 01.06.2014 our translation agency has been working according to a new service providing policy.

Our company reserves the right to refuse to provide translation and related services if the order directly or indirectly contributes to world destruction, does harm to people, other living beings and All That Is in general.

Particularly, we will not deal with the orders related to the following:

  • Killing animals (including all the orders connected with meat production and sale);
  • Alcohol, drugs and tobacco production and sale;
  • Synthetic food additives and GMO;
  • Incitement of ethnic, interstate and interreligious hostility;
  • Deforestation and environmental pollution;
  • Any weapons and military equipment production and distribution;
  • Other forms and kinds of destructive activity.

Besides, we will not provide any services to the companies whose activity is in general connected with the foregoing issues, even if a particular order is not related to any of them.

Our translation agency hereby declares that we assume no moral responsibility for any consequences entailed by orders with obscure purposes, let such responsibility be attributed to our customers’ conscience. In controversial cases  the possibility of doing a certain translation by our agency will be discussed.

We would like to make our apology to the companies and customers whose translations we will not be able to do any more. Thank you for your understanding.