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Technical translation

technichesky_perevod_kievEvery person has his or her own understanding of the word “technical”. But when a technical translation of your documents is needed, you begin to comprehend that this is a special translation, a special approach. Clients often demand an accurate, logical and quick translation of user manuals, training guides, software documents – functional and technical instructions, user interface and assistance; drawings made in the automated design system; technical data. Sometimes the translation of presentations, catalogues and web-sites is also considered technical. All the above documents can contain specialized terminology relating to the product, material, process, technology etc.

Your technical documentation translation should be adequate if you want to take a leading place at the international market. An excellent technical translation will accentuate the quality of your product and earn you a reputation of a reputable and reliable partner.

It is the technical documentation accompanying your product that is you ambassador at the international market. It may contain important and often complicated technical and procedural information which is accurately and laconically translated into the variety of languages.

Shipbuilding, land transport production, sweeping cars and floor cleaning machinery, Formula 1 cars, telephone equipment, refrigerators, pumps and valves, forklift hoists, hospital equipment, pharmaceutics, consumer goods – all our clients trust the excellent quality of technical translations performed at our translation agency “Kiev Translations.”

The translators’ work lies in written interpretation of a text from one language into another. Technical translators perform this process with documents in the field of medicine, industry, computer engineering and other specialized branches.

Since accuracy is of great importance in technical documents and translations, special attention is paid to the details, as well as sense interpretation. To understand the matter of translation, technical translators must possess basic knowledge in a certain field. But the development of new technologies and appearance of new products in the market sometimes make it hard to find a standard, already existing term because terminology cannot keep pace with the market development. Therefore a translator has to carry out a research to obtain some additional information, or to request consultations from a specialist in the field, and often address to the customer himself.

One of the keys to success of the translation agency “KIEV TRANSLATIONS” in the field of technical translations is our translators’ ability to find accurate and adequate terms relating exactly to your business field.

We provide a wide range of technical translation services in Kiev:

  • automechanics
  • hydraulics
  • optics
  • aviation
  • shipbuilding
  • patents
  • construction process
  • mechanical engineering
  • astronautics
  • architectural engineering
  • medicine (equipment/security), medical product licences
  • telecommunications
  • digital image
  • mobile phones and radio telephony
  • television (broadcast technologies)
  • electronics
  • nuclear industry
  • natural and exact sciences
  • energetics and energy saving
  • oil and gas industry
  • water purification

Quality of our translations is a result of scrupulous work and experience of our translators.

The work begins from the discussion of your wishes and requirements to the translation.

Translation agency “Kiev Translations” will always apply individual approach to your orders.

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