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Translation of Passports in Kiev

passport translation in Kiev UkraineWhen translating a passport from/into a foreign language usually a data page and a page with passport holder’s registration are translated.

In some cases all the pages containing any stamps should be translated (for example, Russian passports are translated in this way). 

Passport translation peculiarities:

Alongside with translation a copy of each passport can be notarized. For this purpose one has to make a copy of all passport pages (including blank ones) and present the original passport to the notary.

A translator has no right to change any passport data, that is to add or to delete any information. For example, if there is no patronymic written in the passport we cannot include it in our translation.

Passports of the majority of the world countries contain English translation. Thus, when ordering translation of a passport into Ukrainian or Russian from some rare language, you had better order its translation from English. It will be cheaper and quicker than translation from some rare language.

Legibility of all seals, stamps and dates in your passport is of great importance. Proper names (surnames, given names, geographical names, etc.) will be translated according to the transliteration rules in force, providing the customer has no other preferences.

Our agency in Kiev can translate your passport from or into a foreign language, with or without notarization within 24 hours at the price according to our ordinary tariffs. Urgent translation (same day translation) is also possible at the price according to urgent tariffs.

To find out more about passport translation in Kiev call the agency: +38(044) 353 44 55


  1. Please could you give me a quote for the translation of an English passport into Ukrainian. Also, the price of the translation of a decree absolute relating to the annulment of a marriage.
    Thank you.

  2. Hello, I wanted to know, how much it will cost to translate ant notarized a passport?

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