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Translation Types

Ель Греко «Святий Ієронім»

Saint Jerome (Eusebius Sophronius Hieronymus) translated the Bible into Latin and is considered to be a patron of translators.

Written translations in Kiev, Ukraine

Written translations can be divided into the following types:

Written translation:

–          Translation of documents

–          Technical translation

–          Legal translation

–          Medical translation

–          Translation of websites.  

It is well-known that if two translators translate the same text into the same language, as a result these will be two different texts.

There is no “ideal” variant of translation of a certain text for the following reasons:

–          Translation purpose;

–          Translator;

–          Target audience

As a result it can be either word-for-word translation or idiomatic translation.

With its grammatical and lexical form word-for-word translation is very similar to a source text.

What idiomatic translation concerns, it is mostly connected with conveying the essence of a source text and in this case grammatical and lexical aspects of a source language will be applied.

If the text of translation differs greatly from the source text in size or if its content is substantially different from the source text, such translation is considered to be too loose and it does not meet any translation criteria.

All the translators doing idiomatic translation must pay particular attention to preserving

the essence of the translation.

There is a variety of aspects of communicative situations affecting the choice of a written translation type. The key goal of translation is to make an adequate easy-to-understand translation targeted at a certain audience.

Translators choose particular ways of conveying the essence of a text to the audience automatically. They also take into account target audience’s educational level and social factors.

For example, it will be difficult for an ordinary schoolchild to understand a highly artistic literary text of translation. Besides, for some people it may be easier to read texts written in simple words, rather than a text containing numerous metaphors and idioms as they make it more difficult to understand the essence of the text.

Each written translation is aimed at an ideally accurate, natural, communicative result of translation. But in fact this can be achieved only due to teamwork of several translators.

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