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Translation of Documents in Kiev

document-translation-kievIn modern society the documents are integral part of both business and personal life and communication with the world of any citizen and any organization. Documents are basis of economics, education system and government of every country. Only organizations specializing in this kind of activity can make document translation in Kiev and Ukraine. Such organizations are authorized to translate both electronic and paper documents from foreign language into state one and back, and certify the translation with its stamp. Besides that, only professional organizations know how to translate documents in the right way, because such kind of translation has its specific characteristics.

One of organizations officially making document translation in Kiev and Ukraine is the translation agency “Kiev-Translations”.

Our agency has huge experience in translation of a variety of documents into several dozens of world languages. For over 10 years of translation activity a great number of international agreements, internal and travelling passports, diplomas from higher and secondary education institutions, certificates of compliance of different organizations, documents for embassies, customs and many other documents have passed through our “linguistic hands”. We are entrusted with documents for translation by large commercial and state organizations of Ukraine, and many private customers who became regular ones. In connection with leaving abroad of the citizens of Ukraine and increasing of activity at international market, the scope of services in translation agency “Kiev-Translations” on translation of different types of personal and business documents far exceeds the range of other orders.

Not only do our translators know how your translated documents are required to be finalised, but they also know how to hold their tongues: in the translation agency “Kievtranslations” we know what a business secret is and we would never disclose any confidential information to any third parties.

Besides, if you need a notarized translation, we can provide you with this service. Our translation agency regularly submits translated documents to be certified by a notary in Kiev. However, not all documents can be notarized: this issue is regulated by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and one should make enquiries as to notarization of some uncommon documents. In any case, if your document cannot be notarized, we can always certify it with our Translation Agency’s Stamp because this type certification is official as well.

Who will translate your documents?

All the documents are translated by well qualified translators and linguists of different languages who are highly professional particularly in this or that type of translation. Thus, medical documents and technical passports are translated by different translators. Because even if a document seems to be the easiest type of text to translate, it has its specific features and vocabulary characteristics only of this type of text. That is why for translation of documents in Kiev and Ukraine the translation agency “Kiev-Translations” engages unique translators specializing in different branches of linguistics.

To have your documents translated, please contact the managers of the translation agency “Kiev-Translations” by the following phone numbers: +38 (044) 353 44 55, +38 (044) 353 60 90.

Below you can read about translation of different types of documents from / into foreign languages:


  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    How much costs to translate ‘картка платника податків’ and ‘вид на постійне проживання’ to English?

    Best Regards,

    Eero Talvitie

  2. Dear Eero!
    We have answered you in an e-mail.

  3. Hello,how can I Translate my documents in spanish and legalize them?should I do stamp them by embassy?
    Please let me know

  4. Hello,goodday please i want to know how much it would cost to get a notarized translation of my diploma and diploma supplement. From Ukrainian to English

  5. Hello, Liz!

    We’ve sent the answer to your E-mail!

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