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Translation of Certificates

The Translation Agency KIEV-TRANSLATIONS offers translation of the following kinds of certificates from different foreign languages into Russian/Ukrainian and from Russian/Ukrainian into different foreign languages – with or without notarization:

  • Certificate of No Criminal Record
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Temporary Residence Permit
  • Birth Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Employment Certificate
  • Salary Certificate
  • Report of Small Business Entity – Single Tax Payer (Form 3)
  • Certificate of State Registration of Legal Entity
  • Certificate of State Registration of Individual Entrepreneur
  • Certificate of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine (EDRPOU Certificate)
  • Real Estate Ownership Certificate
  • Certificate on Assigning Identification Number
  • Certificate of Studies
  • Taxpayer Registration Certificate
  • Tax Return
  • Employment Record Book
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (in some cases  translation of such certificate is considered to be technical translation)
  • Driving License
  • Bank Certificate (on opening an account, account balance)
  • Single Tax Payer’s Certificate
  • VAT Payer’s Certificate
  • Income Tax Payer’s Certificate
  • State Act of Title to Land Plot
  • Foreign passport
  • Passport of the Citizen of Ukraine
  • Passports of other countries
  • Parental Consent to their Child’s Going Abroad (made on notary letterhead)


In the translation agency “KIEV-TRANSLATIONS” (located in the city of Kiev) you can order translation from/into: English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Greek, Georgian, Hebrew, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Latin, German, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Turkish, Ukrainian, French, Czech, Japanese and other languages.

Should you have any questions concerning translation of certificates in Kiev, Ukraine, do not hesitate to contact us (the agency administrators speak English):

(044) 353 44 55 

(044) 353 60 90

(068) 866 72 79



  1. Good day I want to make enquires if I can translate my documents from English to polish

  2. Hello, Ade! Thank you for your question. Of course, you can. We have sent our prices to your email.

  3. Hi, good morning. I must translate my passport for marriage. What I must do and the price. Best regards

  4. Hello, Paolo!

    Thank you for your question. We have answered to your email.

  5. Dear sir, I have a few certificates which are in English form, I need their translation to Ukrainian language. Can you tell me please the prices per document and how long does it take to be translated I mean which time I can get it.

  6. Need to translate birth certificate and marriage certificate.
    I’ll get married in Colombia
    How much is it to have both documents translated from ukranian into Spanish?
    Thank you.

  7. Hello, Isaac! Thank you for your question. We have e-mailed you.

  8. Добрий день, мені потрібно перекласти сертифікат ЗНО з української на англійську мову. Яка ціна?

  9. Доброго дня, Яно!
    Дякуємо за питання, відповідь надіслали вам на пошту.

  10. Hello
    This is Mohammad nabi I want to translate my passport from Persian language to Ukraine

  11. Hello Mohammad!

    Thank you for your question. We have answered to your email.

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