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Turkish Translation

If you would like to have your text or documents translated from Turkish or into it, please, call the Translation Agency:

TurkishTranslators' Contacts
Turkish people are famous for being thorough in business matters. Picture of Turkish translatorIf you are going to do business with Turkish partners, first of all you should come into contact with them and establish friendly relations. It means that you will need to have a few informal translations done from Turkish into your language and vice versa (usually it’s business correspondence) before ordering the translation of, say, an agreement into the Turkish language.

Considering the fact that Turkish people prefer to get to know a person before seriously dealing with him, be ready that you will need to have not only financial documents translated. You will have to write quite a lot of letters to the Turkish party and order translations of them.

Turkish translation in Kiev, Ukraine

If you need to order Turkish translation (from or into English, Ukrainian, Russian or other languages), try to be patient and, if possible, do not hurry the translator: the sentence structure in Turkish differs much from its structure in other languages. Therefore, the translator will need more efforts to turn the sentence upside down.

All Turkish translations at the “Kiev-Translation” agency are carried out by professional translators – linguists with higher education and a major in “the Turkish Language”, who have enough experience of oral and written translations (certificates, passports, diplomas, etc.), as well as medical and technical documents, international contracts, and other types of translations from Turkish and back.

The signature of our translators can be notarized if you order Turkish translation with notarization in Kiev.

In order to get more information about the specifics of work with this language or order Turkish translation in Kiev, Ukraine, call the agency:

Peculiarities of the Turkish Language

Some interesting facts about Turkish

  • Turkish is the native language of more than 72 million residents of Turkey and self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of Cyprus. Turkish is spoken by the ethnic minority of Turks in Iraq, Greece, Bulgaria, Republic of Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo. There also exist Turkish communities of emigrants in Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, France, Germany, the Netherlands. In some republics of the former USSR, in Azerbaijan in particular, Turkish is spoken as well.
  • The Turkish language was submitted to linguistic influence of adjoining countries during all its development. For example, Turkish was influenced by words from the Persian and Arabic languages. Moreover, a lot of borrowings from French have become naturalized in Turkish.
  • Considering the fact that there are no genders in Turkish (which makes the translator’s work easier), it is noteworthy that this language possesses the honorific form: the usage of Pronoun in the plural form “You” addressing one person or an elder person – expressing respect.