<style>.lazy{display:none}</style>Prices for translation services in Kyiv

Prices for translation services in Kyiv

“KyivPereklad” translation agency calculates the cost of translation services for 1000 characters with spaces of the provided text for translation. The final cost is calculated based on the number of symbols of the finished translation. 

ServiceCost, UAH
Legal translationfrom UAH 150
Technical translationfrom UAH 200
Medical translationfrom UAH 145
Translation of passports, certificates, diplomasfrom UAH 160
Notarizationfrom UAH 280
Apostillefrom UAH 700
Certified translation (translation agency stamp)free

Please, send your document file/photo and we will calculate the cost within 15 minutes:

LanguageStandard documents* fromGeneral subject** (1 thousand characters with spaces) fromSpecialized subject*** (1 thousand characters with spaces) from
English160 115145
German, Spanish, French170120160
Slovak, Slovenian180240240
Serbian, Croatian, Czech280190270
Greek, Romanian360230330
Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian345300450

* Standard documents: passport (national, foreign), birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate, name change certificate, criminal record certificate, employment certificate, place of registration certificate, education certificate, diploma (without attachment). The cost of translation of standard documents is indicated for the translation of documents from the Ukrainian language into a foreign language.

** General subjects: legal, financial, household topics, supplements to diplomas, certificates, personal letters, resumes, personal documents, declarations, reports, and other documents that do not require the use of highly specialized terminology.

*** Specialized subjects: technical translation, medical translation, translation of instructions, guidelines, drawings, medical reports, results, scientific articles, and other documents and texts with highly specialized terminology.

Additional services

Urgent translation, or translation of more than 10 pages per day

+100% of the cost of a written translation

Translation editing

-50% of the translation cost tariff

Notarization of translation per one document 

(the translator’s signature is certified)

UAH 320

Notarization of translation per one document 

(the translator’s signature and a copy of the document are certified)

UAH 320

document up to 5 pages; more than 5 pages – + UAH 10 for each

Notarization of all passport pages  (excluding translation costs)

UAH 350

Duplication of notarization in a foreign language (by default, the translation is certified in the state language)

UAH 50/1 document

Certified (translation agency stamp) translation

Free (1 copy)

Issuance of additional copies of the translation (certification with a stamp of the agency)

UAH 60

document up to 10 pages; more than 10 pages – + UAH 10. for each

Certification of a copy from the original

UAH 500

Reissue of a document in which incorrect or erroneous data provided by the customer were translated

UAH 50/1 page

Preparation of a bilingual translation (in two columns)

UAH 50/1 page


1 document in the order is free, subsequent documents in the order are UAH 30/1 document (up to 10 pages), the cost of scanning subsequent pages is UAH 5/1 page

Photocopy of documents

UAH 5 per page


UAH 5 per page

Print a document from mail (electronic medium)

UAH 2 per page

Document name

Service cost*


Birth, marriage, death certificates

UAH 700

From 4-7 working days

Notarized statement, application

Notarized power of attorney, agreement

Notarized translation

Notarized copy of the passport


UAH 950 

UAH 1450

UAH 1150

UAH 1550

From 30 working days

From 20 working days

From 10 working days

2-3 working days

Supplement to the certificate

Graduation certificate

Supplement to the graduation certificate

Diploma (new model)

Supplement to the diploma (new model)

* The price includes state duty and apostille services. Payment for affixing an apostille is provided at 100%.

** Documents for affixing an apostille are submitted on the next working day after receiving the documents (if the documents are provided to us before 4:00 p.m.). The term for submission is calculated from the date of submission of documents to the institution. If Ministry specialists are busy, the terms may be extended.